Smile For All Evil & Negativity While I Salute All Greatness
Recognize a G!!!!
;) damn she fiiiiineeeeeeee!!!!
Again Me & Fat Boyy(:
Fat Boyy & Me (:
My Fat Boyy
The reason for my smile, my laugh, for why i always have butterflies in my tummy she means everything to me she is my world my life and what can i say she brings out the best of me she makes me a better person, she helped me become a man she turned me from a boy to a man im more responsible she my backbone she been there for me since day 1 and i really cant ask for nothing more she is the best she perfect i swear im the luckiest guy ever she brightens my whole world and she has my back with anything i can count on her like she can count on me and i can call her mines
Tbh I just love this picture lol (:
The babe & I acting silly
My Everything<3(: , she has actually showed and taught me allot of things and tbh idk what i would do with out her, been there since day 1 has my back always keeps it real and i actually can be myself, she the reason i smile all the time, she is the reason i have joy in my life, she makes me have this butterflies in stomach no matter how many times i seen her, I Love You Samantha 1/25/13

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